Building Futures Together: SBCA in Support for TRADART

In the heart of Santa Barbara County, the TRADART Foundation stands as a beacon of empowerment for aspiring craftsmen. Nestled in the heart of our picturesque community, TRADART envisions a future where academic and vocational studies intertwine, preparing a generation for success in the building and trades industry.

In this blog, we’ll unravel the intricacies of TRADART’s background, delving into their profound impact on the Santa Barbara community. We’ll explore the partnership they’ve cultivated with the Santa Barbara Contractors Association (SBCA) and discuss how, together, we’ve forged an alliance dedicated to advancing opportunities and fostering growth within the dynamic local construction industry.

Early Stages of TRADART Foundation

TRADART Foundation was founded in early 2000 by Leslie Meadowcroft-Schipper. TRADART arose to salvage and reinstate the remains of a once-thriving woodshop program that was part of the Industrial Arts curriculum in the Santa Barbara School District during the 1970s. Driven by the belief that students deserve diverse educational choices, TRADART’s journey has been one of resilience and progress.

The TRADART Foundation’s initiatives have profoundly impacted education and industry collaboration. Through pioneering efforts like the Tools for Schools program, initiated by Don Gordon in 2005, TRADART has provided crucial support, tools, materials, and guidance to maintain woodshop and construction technology classes in local junior and senior high schools.

Today, TRADART’s impact resonates across Santa Barbara’s educational landscape, fostering six thriving Construction Technology Woodshop classes taught in local schools. The TRADART Foundation, in partnership with the Santa Barbara Unified School District, Santa Barbara Contractors Association, and Partners in Education, creates an inclusive space for over 1,000 students annually, offering them invaluable insights and technical instruction in the Building and Construction Career Technical Education Pathway.

Santa Barbara Contractors Association’s support of TRADART’s Mission

The Santa Barbara Contractors Association proudly supports TRADART’s mission, recognizing the significance of nurturing talent in the construction industry. This joint effort invites industry professionals to engage with the woodshop classes, volunteering time and expertise to guide the next generation of tradespeople.

Opportunities for Industry Professionals to Get Involved

As a community member, you, too, can contribute to this transformative cause. Consider becoming a guest speaker, sharing your real-world experiences and igniting students’ understanding of the industry’s workings. Your insights could shape building careers and aspirations.

Moreover, seize the opportunity to make a significant impact by becoming an Internship Sponsor. Host a student intern from the Santa Barbara Unified School District, offering them the invaluable chance to explore and contribute to the rich legacy of our local construction industry.

Donate Today!

Finally, it’s essential to highlight the significant impact of your donations in sustaining TRADART’s programs. Being a designated 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, every contribution holds the distinction of being fully tax-deductible, channeling directly into initiatives that provide students with practical skills and valuable opportunities.

Last but not least, your donations play a pivotal role in sustaining TRADART’s programs. As a designated 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, all contributions are fully tax-deductible and directly fund initiatives that equip students with practical skills and opportunities.

Join us in building Santa Barbara’s educational landscape! Your support empowers TRADART’s mission to redefine the significance of trades in education, making a meaningful impact on the next generation of skilled professionals. Together, let’s shape a future where craftsmanship, education, and industry converge to build not just structures but also brighter opportunities and thriving communities!

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