The members of the Santa Barbara Contractors Association are here to help support the growth of the CTE *Building and Construction Technology classes in all 6 of the Santa Barbara Unified School District Woodshop classes.

This joint Social Mixer program is a partnership with Four stakeholders, The SBCA,  the Santa Barbara Unified School District, Partners in Education, and TRADART. Please sign up below to attend the social mixer.

It is a call to action by industry to future members of the Construction world to be involved in volunteering with the guidance of the instructors, in the new state of the art woodshop programs.

You are warmly invited to attend each mixer, but registration is required. Please register here:
It is free; no membership to the Santa Barbara Contractors Association is needed to attend at
Social Mixer of this kind, at school.

Please sign in here to get more information about the next social mixer, or become professionally involved throughout the academic year.

Please Check All That Apply

Please continue exploring our website for more information about how you may wish to be
involved in these shop classes.

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