Upcoming Event: The Big Show

Join TRADART at “The Big Show” on May 23, 2018. This free event is open to the public and will feature a juried competition of junior and high school student’s woodworking projects. Plus, there will be a special sneak preview of the tiny houses!

TRADART Foundation and Tiny House Initiative

Santa Barbara has no shortage of artisans—one can find a locally crafted version of just about anything here it seems, and that’s not a bad thing. However, somewhere between the homespun and the bespoke, trades as a livelihood seem to have lost a bit of their appeal, at least in the futures of our younger generations.

Or have they?

Young women make a difference in the Tiny House project

To better understand the impact of the Women’s Fund grant on the construction of the homes, during the 2016-17 school year, Leslie Meadowcroft-Schipper, founder of TRADART Foundation, interviewed Hailey Wednesday Babcock, Audrey Rowell and Melissa Perez. Each is enrolled in the Construction Technology coursework in their high school.

High School Tiny Homes Program Gets Funding Boost

The Tiny Homes program at Santa Barbara, San Marcos, and Dos Pueblos high schools will get a $25,000 boost from the district this fall. Since last year, Advanced Woodworking and Construction Technology students have been building the 230-square-foot dwellings ​on top of transportable trailers.

High School Kids Building Tiny Homes

 Woodshop class has come a long way since the days of oak cutting boards, mahogany salad bowls, and plywood skimboards. Those classics are still getting turned out by students with a fondness for power tools, of course, but beyond the basics exists a whole new realm of woodworking: These kids are building houses.

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